Lauren Martinez And Shöckface Reconnect For Poisonous Love Anthem “ how you like me now ”

Lauren Martinez and Shöckface, the mastermind behind “METANIA”, have reunited for a brand-new toxic love anthem ‘how you like me now’, featuring German-based producer STAHL, which is now available everywhere. ‘how you like me now’ is the fifth collaboration between Lauren and Shöckface, two emerging creatives. Sonically, their newest collaboration is a work of art in its own right. The record is dark, irritable, and eerie, yet it is also alluring and luring. ‘how you like me now’ is the type of record you can listen to on repeat and rewind all day because it combines your soul with interesting sonic resonances.

Lauren’s savage vocals appear to tell the story of a failed relationship as she sings, “the blood on your hands, ain’t gon na dry with a little more air”. A sophisticated breakdown blending elements of dark indie pop and wave music fills the sonic landscape, showcasing a previously unseen side of Shöckface. The two talented musicians clearly poured their hearts and souls into the new song. Listen to “how you like me now” below or purchase the album here!