Laura Mercier Caviar du Jour Caviar Stick Mini Set Review & Swatches


Caviar du Jour

Laura Mercier Caviar du Jour Caviar Chrome Mini Set contains three miniature-sized pencil eyeshadows. Two shades had good pigmentation and smoother application, while two were absolutely dismal across the board. The two better shades were still harder to diffuse along the edges as they set very quickly. They ended up being easier to use as eyeliner or as a base on the lid.

Magnetic Pink

Magnetic Pink is a pale pink with warm undertones and a sparkling finish. It had semi-sheer pigmentation, which didn’t improve upon layering as this just moved product around into clumps of uneven, thick product all over my skin. The pencil felt lightly emollient as I moved it across my skin, so there was no tugging, but I could not get the product to apply evenly.

I tried using fingertips to apply as well as to blend out, which didn’t work well, partially due to how quickly the formula sets. At best, it could be applied quickly all over the lid and roughly blended for a one-and-done look. There was some fallout after eight hours of wear.

Intense Moonlight

Intense Moonlight is a dirty, medium-dark gold with warm undertones and a sparkling, frosted finish. While the texture seemed emollient and glided easily across my skin, it applied unevenly and blended terribly–the color just seem to lift up or bunch up, which resulted in patchier and patchier application that yielded some fallout. It had semi-opaque pigmentation and did not build up well. It lasted for nine hours with light fallout over time (but it looked so badly applied no matter what I tried!).

Metallic Taupe

Metallic Taupe is a light, golden bronze with warm undertones and sparkling sheen. It had opaque pigmentation a single pass, which applied evenly to bare skin and never tugged on my lid. The texture felt emollient without being too slippery, and it dried down quickly, which kept it out of fine lines but made it hard to manipulate, even when working one eye at a time. It stayed on well for nine hours without creasing but had some fallout over time.

Intense Amethyst

Intense Amethyst is a bright, medium-dark taupe with subtle, warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. It had opaque pigmentation in a single stroke with a lightly creamy consistency that glided across my skin with ease. I’d highly recommend doing one eye at a time and using fingertips (the warmth will help) to blend out quickly. It wore well for nine hours without fading or creasing on me, and it had a touch of fallout over time.