Latest Nail Art Trends What Exactly Are Aura Nails?

Consider aura nails for some manicure inspiration to liven things up on these gloomy, dark days. Aura nails have pushed nail art trends to new heights by incorporating the notion of your individual aura colors into a stunning manicure. TikTok is actually being swept up in the look. This story “aura nails tutorial” had 22 billion views at the time of writing.

What Precisely Are Aura Nails

The style itself is meant to emulate the look of an aura photo that showcases your aura colors in a circular ombre design. To achieve the look you’ve seen on social media, you’ll most likely need to have the look airbrushed onto your nails by a professional manicurist to achieve the signature gradient/faded look – even if you have an airbrush, it’s not as easy as it looks and frankly, if you watch many TikTok videos, it looks pretty messy…. This design is frequently performed on Gel-X or acrylic since it necessitates a bit more nail bed space to deposit the right quantity of color to produce the gradient circular appearance.

What’s great about this style of manicure is that it takes nail art to a new personalized level – and it has good juju vibes, and who can’t use more of those?

If you don’t have time to visit a salon, a home hack is to produce the distinctive center fade using a wedge sponge. Apply paint in color A to your nails, then a little drop of color B in a circular form surrounded by color A to the sponge and press down. Here’s a little video to demonstrate.