Lane 8 Drops Exquisite 4-Hour Summer Mixtape with Tons of IDs [MUST LISTEN]

Lane 8 is treating us to four straight hours of ripe summer vibes with his new mixtape, out just in time for Fourth of July weekend! Although festival season has come and mostly gone amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, the music keeps our community connected. With this ethereal mix, Lane 8 explores the depths of his own sound and beyond. Suddenly, our lost summer doesn’t seem so gone.

Lane 8’s summer mixtape includes a wealth of new IDs — well over a dozen — and plenty of hand-picked selects from Calvin Harris, Boys Noize, Kölsch, Icarus, Le Youth and Tale of Us, just to name a few. All in one seamless sweep, Lane 8 leaves us breathless after four beautiful hours of deep house magic. For best results, enjoy under the sun with some close family or friends.

Lane 8 Summer 2020 Mixtape

Photo by Jason Siegel