Laidback Luke & Keanu Silva Join Forces For “Oh Yes (Rockin’ with the Best)”

“Oh Yes” — you are now rockin’ with the best! Of course, we’re talking about Laidback Luke and Keanu Silva, as they’ve revamped one of the most classic cuts and recognizable hooks in all of dance music. What once started as a chant among ravers has set a foundation for music records and dance events across the world. Like a boomerang, it’s back again.

Behold, the revitalized version of a well-known party classic, “Rocking with the Best,” which originally released early 2007. In the past, Laidback Luke has expressed his interest in reworking the track for the club and the radio. Over a decade later, that time has finally come. With beautiful vocals and swinging beats, “Oh Yes (Rockin’ with the Best)” is danceable to an addictive degree. When this comes on, the dance floor is prompted to heat up — and any music festival’s main stage is guaranteed to light up. Put this on repeat and scream it out loud!

Laidback Luke & Keanu Silva – Oh Yes (Rockin’ with the Best)