Lady Wray Drops a Dope Remix to “Piece of Me” with Ghostface Killah

Lady Wray, also known as Nicole Wray, may have released her latest album “Piece of Me” over a year ago, but she’s keeping the momentum going with a fresh new remix featuring legendary rapper Ghostface Killah. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this collaboration and what it means for Lady Wray’s music career.

A Brief Introduction to Lady Wray

Before we dive into the remix, let’s first take a moment to appreciate Lady Wray’s music career. The Virginia-born singer and songwriter has been active in the industry since the late ’90s, with her debut album “Make It Hot” released in 1998. She has since worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and The Black Keys.

In 2020, Lady Wray released her third studio album “Piece of Me”, which features a collection of soulful tracks that showcase her powerhouse vocals and songwriting skills. The album received critical acclaim and solidified her status as a veteran in the R&B scene.

The Remix Featuring Ghostface Killah

Now, let’s talk about the remix of the album’s title track, “Piece of Me”, featuring Ghostface Killah. The Wu-Tang Clan member adds his signature flow to the song, rapping about a past relationship that left him questioning whether he made the right decision.

Produced by Leon Michels, the remix takes the already rock-solid tune and elevates it to another level. Lady Wray’s soulful vocals blend seamlessly with Ghostface Killah’s bars, creating a perfect synergy that’s sure to satisfy fans of both artists.

What This Collaboration Means for Lady Wray’s Career

Lady Wray’s decision to collaborate with Ghostface Killah on this remix is a strategic move that showcases her versatility as an artist. By teaming up with a hip-hop legend, she’s able to tap into a new audience while also staying true to her R&B roots.

The remix also serves as a reminder of Lady Wray’s ongoing presence in the industry, despite the year-long gap since the album’s release. It’s a testament to her staying power as an artist and her ability to keep her fans engaged with fresh, exciting content.


Lady Wray’s remix of “Piece of Me” featuring Ghostface Killah is a must-listen for fans of R&B and hip-hop alike. It’s a collaboration that not only elevates the original track but also showcases Lady Wray’s ability to adapt and evolve as an artist. With her soulful vocals and songwriting prowess, we’re excited to see what Lady Wray has in store for us next.