Lachi & Julian Javan Drop New Video for ‘What I Want’

I first heard the track “What I Want” at Townhouse Venice in Venice Beach, and was immediately struck by how it made people move. The fitting blend of tropical moombahton and pop saw everyone dropping what they were doing and getting out onto the dance floor. When I did more research, I also discovered that what inspires Lachi to create is pretty amazing too:

“The track was inspired by the new wave of women taking charge and kicking ass across the nation from politics, to entertainment, to small-town heroes. I’m the type of girl who doesn’t mind buying a cute guy at the bar a drink, and know I’m not nearly the only one. The culture of holding women to some high pin-up standard is now on the out. It’s high time for any Her to walk into a bar and declare what she wants without the peril of itch-bay stigma.”

Produced by Julian Javan, “What I Want” also speaks to the reversal of gender-norms and is decidedly pro-equality. Visually, in addition only female models in one video, you also get some male eye-candy in the other, which fits based on Lachi’s intent behind the lyrics. Check out the full videos below:

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