Kylie Jenner Retweeted SVDDEN DEATH’s “Behemoth” & The Simulation Is Officially Broken

So… Kylie Jenner likes riddim. Or at the very least, she’s a fan of Level Up’s edit of “Behemoth” from SVDDEN DEATH. In a truly simulation breaking turn of events today, Kylie quote tweeted the edit with four skull emojis. As time of publishing, her tweet has 23k retweets and 174k favorites. The video now has 1.9 million views. Level Up got the vocal edit from a video of Kylie greeting her daughter Stormi “rise and shine in a sing-songy voice. Clearly, Kylie approves.

I can’t be the only one curious what it would look like for a legion of Kylie fans to suddenly buy tickets to the next SVDDEN DEATH show nearest them, right? (Psst, tour dates here.)

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) October 17, 2019