Kygo’s Epic 18-Track Journey (The Album)

Kygo’s new self-titled album, launched to coincide with the summer solstice, epitomizes his classic style. Rather than forging new paths, he revitalizes his signature sound, creating a familiar yet vibrant landscape where his piano melodies glisten like morning dew on flowers. Filled with a sense of growth, this self-titled masterpiece reflects Kygo’s artistic journey, each track a universe unto itself yet blending into a cohesive tale of love, loss, and uplifting redemption.

Take, for instance, the synthwave-inspired track “Surrender,” where Kygo elevates the tempo to capture the exquisite surrender of falling entirely—and irreversibly—for another. Fred Well’s lyrics confess a love so intense it feels like surrender.Fans of Kygo’s distinctive sound will be drawn to “Me Before You,” a vulnerable dance anthem featuring English singer-songwriter Plested. Its lush production offers solace from a shadowed past, each chord a frantic heartbeat clinging to a love that promises salvation.

True to form, KYGO features high-profile collaborations. The Norwegian dance music icon teamed up with Jonas Brothers, Julia Michaels, Ava Max, and disco legend Nile Rodgers, among others, to breathe life into the album. It also includes his popular remix of M83’s “Wait,” originally released exclusively on SoundCloud in March 2014.

To celebrate the album’s release, Kygo and his team recorded a special live performance on the Troll’s Tongue, a cliff overlooking Norway’s stunning Ringedalsvatnet lake. The video features several of the album’s collaborators, including Sigrid, Zak Abel, HAYLA, and Sandro Cavazza.