Kygo & Zak Abel Drop Uplifting Dance Track “Freedom” & Music Video from Quarantine

“Freedom” has never sounded so sweet, thanks to this brand new, feel-good production from Kygo and collaborator Zak Abel. It’s the kind of song we want to hear playing out on main stage, but we’ll have to settle with jamming out to in our living room — or at the very most, shouting from the rooftop.

The music video opens up with a message:

This was gonna be a music video shot in The Maldives. It was gonna have blue waters and palm trees swaying in the wind. Zak Abel was gonna play guitar by the beach. And I was gonna play the piano in the sunset. None of that happened.

The reality is Kygo and Zak are stuck in isolation like the rest of us during quarantine. Kygo shares:

I’m not really sure when my next show will be. So I’m spending the time working on new music.

And, ends it with:

I guess the lesson is to try to make the best of a difficult situation. Stay home. Stay safe.

Kygo – “Freedom” featuring Zak Abel

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