Kygo & Sandro Cavazza Release “Forever Yours” As Avicii Tribute

A demo played a few years ago by Avicii at Ultra Music Festival now has a final version, as Kygo and Sandro Cavazza team up to pay tribute to the late Swedish producer by releasing “Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute).” The tribute was debuted at the Avicii tribute concert in Sweden last month, which fans were understandably ecstatic about. “Forever Yours” was thought to be a demo that would never see an official release, like so many of Avicii’s works in progress over the years. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

“This version of Forever Yours is a tribute to Tim that me and Kygo have put together to honor what he has meant to both of us. He was Kygo’s biggest idol and his biggest inspiration and that’s what has made this tribute possible.” – Sandro Cavazza

As a tribute, “Forever Yours” sounds like the perfect mix of each artist’s style, with Avicii’s penchant for writing melodies, Sandro’s creativity, and Kygo’s ability to bring it all to life.

Sandro sent the song to Kygo after Avicii’s passing in 2018 to see if he would want to put together a version of “Forever Yours” as a tribute to Tim, to honor what he had meant for both of them

“When Sandro sent me that song, I felt like that was the closest I could get to collaborate with Tim.” – Kygo

All net proceeds from the track will go to the non-profit Tim Bergling Foundation. The single will be followed by a full length video titled “The Story Of Forever Yours.”

Listen below.

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