KSHMR Hits the Ground Running in 2024 with “All Night” Club Tour

KSHMR, the renowned EDM artist, kicks off 2024 with a bang, dropping his latest high-energy vocal track, “All Night,” via his Dharma Worldwide label. Teaming up with EDM vocalist Sarah de Warren, under her alter ego gritney, KSHMR delivers a psy-trance-influenced masterpiece blending driving bass, progressive melodies, and ethereal vocals. This track serves as yet another testament to KSHMR’s diverse body of work, solidifying his position as one of the genre’s most prominent figures.

Unveiling “All Night”: A Club Heater Worth the Hype

In “All Night,” KSHMR and Sarah de Warren (gritney) fuse their talents to create an electrifying anthem sure to set dance floors ablaze. The track seamlessly blends pulsating basslines with mesmerizing melodies, all topped off with gritney’s haunting vocals, making it a certified club banger. With its infectious energy and captivating rhythm, “All Night” exemplifies KSHMR’s ability to push musical boundaries while keeping audiences hooked.

The Genesis of a Hit: Collaborative Brilliance

Collaboration lies at the heart of KSHMR’s creative process, and “All Night” is no exception. Partnering with Sarah de Warren, who brings her unique vocal stylings to the table, KSHMR crafts a track that transcends genres. The synergy between KSHMR’s production prowess and gritney’s emotive vocals elevates “All Night” to new heights, ensuring its place as a standout addition to both artists’ repertoires.

A North American Odyssey: The “All Night” Club Tour

To celebrate the release of “All Night,” KSHMR embarks on a 15-stop club tour across North America, promising fans an unforgettable live experience. From the pulsating vibes of DC’s Echostage to the iconic venues of LA, Chicago, and Brooklyn, KSHMR brings his electrifying energy to audiences nationwide. The tour culminates in a mainstage performance at Ultra Music Festival, where KSHMR will undoubtedly leave his mark on the electronic music scene.

In Conclusion: A Night to Remember

In summary, KSHMR’s latest release, “All Night,” is a testament to his continued evolution as an artist. With its infectious beats, hypnotic melodies, and captivating vocals, the track exemplifies the magic that can happen when talent and creativity collide. As KSHMR takes to the stage for his North American club tour, fans can expect nothing short of an unforgettable night filled with music, energy, and pure euphoria.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience “All Night” live – grab your tickets now and join KSHMR on a musical journey like no other.

March 1 – Harbour Event & Convention Centre – Vancouver, BC
March 2 – Prysm – Chicago, IL
March 8 – Academy – Los Angeles, CA
March 9 – The Vermont – Los Angeles, CA
March 15 – New City Gas – Montreal, QC
March 16 – Harrah’s Pool After Dark – Atlantic City, NJ
March 23 – Ultra Music Festival – Miami, FL
March 29 – NOTO – Houston, TX
March 30 – The Great Hall – Brooklyn, NY
April 5 – The Church Nightclub – Denver, CO