KSHMR Covers MGMT’s 2007 Hit “Kids” With Stefy De Cicco & MKLA

If you aren’t familiar with MGMT’s song “Kids,” what are you even doing? Go listen to it right now. For those of us that are already caught up, you might enjoy this brand new cover of the classic pop hit from KSHMR and Stefy De Cicco featuring MKLA. A modern-day, dancefloor-focused reimagining of the MGMT track of the same name, “Kids” pairs a groovy bassline with the smooth, sultry vocals of MKLA. The progression of the track is almost identical to the original, with even the same intonations and cadence in the vocals.

For fans of the original, there isn’t much that KSHMR’s take adds to the equation apart from the EDM-ness of it, but for new listeners, you might find yourself liking this more. Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference. Nothing will ever live up to the original for us, but KSHMR definitely adds a new flavor to the mix. Check it out below.

Photo via Rukes.com