Kristal Oliver Debut Single, “Love Is”

Kristal Oliver aka Tytewriter has been one of he most in demand songwriters in the R&B genre for many years now. She has worked alongside and created with many superstars including Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Diddy, Brandy, Estelle, Ledisi and Raheem DeVaughn. Now Oliver is finally stepping into the spotlight to showcase her own talents under the moniker Tyte. You can hear her vocal talents alongside her songwriting on the new single “Love Is”. She’s currently working on her debut project “The Dreamin Album”. She adds:

“As a songwriter, I can put myself into the music to a certain extent, but I have to tell the artist’s story. This time around, it was completely different. I didn’t have to streamline myself to fit anybody else’s criteria or hold anything back. I could put everything into the pot of gumbo exactly how I like it. I was able to express myself authentically.”

The Philadelphia native has been waiting a long time for this moment and is sure to wow listeners with her authenticity on the upcoming project.

“When you listen to this, I hope you think, ‘She was true to herself’. I don’t want to follow standard guidelines. I just want to express myself in the hopes that other people will do the same.” Stay tuned for much more from Tyte and the upcoming project “The Dreamin Album”.