Krewella’s Album The Body Never Lies Is Now Available

Krewella’s last album, zer0, was released two years ago, but it feels like an eternity. Part of this is likely due to the pandemic, which effectively stole two years from many of our lives; another factor is that Krewella has only released three songs since 2020: “Never Been Hurt“, “No Control” and “I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling“, all of which are featured on their new, third album, The Body Never Lies.

Krewella’s self-reflection led to the creation of the album, which explores impermanence, the oddity of human experience, and their relationship to the world around them as women in a male-dominated society. The album’s title, Body Never Lies, alluded to the album’s wide range of emotions, with each track as distinct and varied as our own feelings. The haunting opener “Traces” is quickly followed by a series of heavier tracks, such as the drum & bass-inspired “In The Water” and the angry yet touching “War Forever”. The last three tracks on Krewella’s album take on a different tone, delving into the darker and more tender aspects of human experience.

Prince Fox was hired to mix the album, and he ensured that each track sounded crisp and clear to match the emotional tone and varied influences in each song. Take a listen below!

Photo via Olivia van Rye