Krewella & NERVO Team Up For New Single, “Goddess”

After releasing their latest album zer0 at the beginning of the year, Krewella are already back with a new collaboration with NERVO, “Goddess” featuring Raja Kumari. The single injects a lot of the Pakistani energy that Krewella have been bringing to their more recent tunes, and with Indian-American songwriter and singer Raja Kumari lending her own powerful vocals to the tune, this is sure unleash your inner goddess, whoever you are. Speaking on the release, NERVO said: “We have been bumping shoulders at festivals with the Krewella babes for the past 6 years, the girls truly are incredible artists as well as such beautiful souls. We hope this track empowers other women to follow their intuition and run their lives like a GODDESS!”

Krewella echoed, “We wrote ‘Goddess’ with Karra Madden, NERVO, and Raja Kumari, about the sense of empowerment that comes with recognizing and honoring the goddess that exists within, and all around us. Whether in a state of silently going inward or manifesting her dreams in the material world, the presence of the goddess gives heartbeat to all aspects of life.” Raja Kumari followed in a similar, empowering suit stating, “It’s always been part of my DNA to work with other talented women and continue to create more spaces for us to shine. When Krewella and NERVO came to me with a song they produced called Goddess, there was no hesitation to hop on it. I hope everyone, male, female, non-binary, will continue to embrace their inner goddess.” Check out “Goddess” below, out now via Thrive Music!

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