Kosas 8th Muse High Intensity Color & Light Palette Review & Swatches


8th Muse (High Intensity)

Kosas 8th Muse (High Intensity) Color and Light Palette is the more intense coverage version of the shade and includes a bright, pink blush paired with a pearly, warm rose. The blush lived up to its “High Intensity” descriptor and was quite pigmented, but the highlighter seemed more like semi-sheer to medium and didn’t build much beyond medium coverage. The highlighter wasn’t quite as easy to apply as the blush, but they were both easy enough to apply and lasted for eight hours on me.

Kosas 8th Muse (High Intensity) (Blush) Cream Blush

Kosas 8th Muse (High Intensity) (Blush)

8th Muse (High Intensity) (Blush)

8th Muse (High Intensity) (Blush) is a deep pink with subtle, cool undertones and a satin finish. It appeared dewier initially, but once applied and diffused on my skin, it dried down and had more of a satin finish–skin-like but not wet-looking.

It had semi-opaque to opaque coverage in a single layer, which was definitely “double the pigment” compared to the regular version of this shade, and it was also much deeper and brighter. I felt like for those who wanted a lighter or sheerer pink, it needed a lighter hand to achieve that, so it was best suited for those who want or need greater intensity.

The product spread easily, while it sheered out somewhat but definitely retained a lot of its pigment. I didn’t have issues applying this over bare skin or over foundation. It stayed on well for eight and a half hours before fading visibly.

Kosas 8th Muse (High Intensity) (Highlighter) Cream Highlighter

Cream Highlighter Kosas 8th Muse (High Intensity) (Highlighter)

8th Muse (High Intensity) (Highlighter)

8th Muse (High Intensity) (Highlighter) is a light-medium pink with strong, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. The texture was moderately emollient, creamy, and lightweight but seemed to sheer out a fair amount in practice, so while it seemed to have more semi-sheer to medium coverage initially, it was definitely sheer in action. It was somewhat buildable but didn’t develop more than medium coverage for me.

The product applied easily over bare skin, but I had to be more careful applying it over base products as it seemed more prone to lifting my foundation up. It wore nicely for eight hours before fading visibly on my skin.





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