Korean YouTuber 차커 Chaco recreated Classic Daft Punk tracks using AR7778 calculators

Since, by its nature, electronic music is created… electronically… the genre has opened up to a variety of different cover mediums. From analog Rube Goldberg machines to fruit fitted with electronic signal synths, pretty much anything can be made from anything. So the fact that Korean YouTuber 차커 Chaco has recreated a couple classic Daft Punk tracks using AR7778 calculators isn’t surprising, but it’s certainly delightful.

According to Mixmag, the calculators can be used to make music when their Time/Date buttons are hit twice, and they produce a very pleasant 8-bit sound that is a perfect analogue to Daft Punk’s early creations like “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and even newer songs like “Get Lucky.” Much like Shawn Wasabi or Madeon or M4SONIC on launchpads, the skill necessary to not only create the proper sound mapping but also play them in time and in the right order is astounding. Check them out below!

via Mixmag