Knife Party – Ghost Train [Muzzy Remix]

Knife Party returned with their Lost Souls EP earlier this year, their first EP in four years. In typical KP fashion, it was a fun mix of serious and silly tunes, including the dark house banger, “Ghost Train.” Now, Muzzy is here to kick it into the next gear. Originally, “Ghost Train” had your basic four on the floor pattern, hi hats, and a dark bassline. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it harbored greater potential. Muzzy was able to tap into the soul of the tune and seriously pump it up to a higher energy — and tempo.

Bringing a house tune to a DnB tempo is not by any means unheard of, but Muzzy seems to have truly done the switchup true justice on this one. Especially with the use of that train whistle synth, as well as with the vocal cuts and ambient tones, this is a phenomenal remix and definitely matches the original’s vibe and style. Check out Muzzy’s remix below, and Annix’s remix of “Lost Souls” here.