Knife Party Debut New Single “Ghost Train”

knife party

Knife Party’s Knifecast Podcast remains pretty underground except for the duo’s devoted following which catches it every episode; but for those who do listen, they always end up getting something like a new track or some bit of “insider” info that no one else gets.


On the latest episode, Knifecast 13, Knife Party debuted a new single entitled “Ghost Train.” You’ll remember that Knife Party shared a track called “Ghost Town” last November on Knifecast, but it doesn’t sound like the two are sonically related at all.

“Ghost Town” is a pulsing, pounding tune that borders on techno and house, with Knife Party’s typical horror-infused melody laced throughout.

Could we hear this on Knife Party’s forthcoming EP, which the duo revealed was finished in their February podcast? Possibly. Check it out below.

You can listen to the full Knifecast 13 episode here, as well.

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