KLOUD Breaks Into Reality In The Music Video For New Track, “Exit Alive”

Most of KLOUD’s existence has been as a digital entity. The music video for his new single “Exit Alive” sees him entering the real world for the very first time and the effect that his existence has on those around him. The pounding acid synths match the hysteria in the music video precisely. It’s a uniquely crafted video that purposefully aims to elicit feelings of entrapment and terror, and it does so brilliantly. The quick cuts and shaky cam along with all of the digital effects add to the mania that KLOUD is experiencing. As for the music itself, it’s high intensity and powerful, made for maximum dance floor engagement. I mean seriously, can you imagine standing still during this?

Check out the video for “Exit Alive” from KLOUD, and read on to find what the project is all about below.

KLOUD is a robotic AI character that takes place in a futuristic setting where up until now, his entire life has been lived inside a simulation run by The KLOUD, an evil corporation that controls society using simulated experiences to keep them “in control.” From the beginning, KLOUD has always realized this and has expressed his concern for it using music. All of his original music tells a story where he’s running and trying to escape from The KLOUD because they’re scared that KLOUD is an outlier from the rest of society, his intelligence has been self-learning and he’s starting to break from the simulation. His last release, Cold Fire, shows him hitting ‘the wall’ where it separates reality from simulation, and now Exit Alive is the upcoming single where he breaks free.