Klingande & Bright Sparks – Messiah (Tony Romera Remix)

Klingande dropped his amazing “Messiah” with Bright Sparks less than a month ago, and now Tony Romera is already back with a huge new remix for the single. While the original is slow and extravagant in its presentation, Romera dials in to the higher energy bubbling beneath the surface. The French-house inspired producer brings his own style to the mix, mixing a slower vibe with a faster pace for a remix that feels wholly complete. Sparks’ vocals still ring through as clear as ever, even at a higher tempo. Overall, the remix hits on enough of the original for fans of Klingande to truly dig it and imparts enough of his own style to bring it to the next level — just as it should be. Check out the remix for “Messiah” below!