KJ Sawka and Super Square Release Music Video For “Find A Way Out”

What would you do if some unknown creature was chasing you, some ominous creature that spelled your death? You’d try to “Find A Way Out,” as KJ Sawka and Super Square attempt to do in their new music video. With Super Square’s signature breathtaking vocals & melodies and KJ Sawka’s floor-shaking rhythms, “Find A Way Out” is as intensely relentless as it is neckbreaking fun. The music video tells more of a story than the original track delivers, cutting out over a minute of audio to make it fit. While it makes sense visually, you also need to hear the full track to get the full idea.

That drop is, unequivocally, headbang fuel. The pounding rhythm and hard bass are a perfect combination for broken necks and mosh pits, both of which are in plentiful supply in the bass scene at the moment. When you hear the full track, there’s only more of that and it’s a glorious thing.

“Find A Way Out” is out now via KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records!