KÍTA’s new Pop-Synth/EDM number ‘Things You Don’t Know’ is a gust of immersive sound

The popstar KÍTA has chosen to go wild over her breakup and leave a note of a new beginning with the song ‘Things You Don’t Know’ weaved in the 80’s electronic beats. The young and bold singer KÍTA has come up with another enigmatic pop track ‘Things You Don’t Know’ that hints us of the metamorphosis of the fragile heart of the teen artist into a concrete castle. It is the second release of the artist after the recognizable appreciation for her debut single ‘Mississippi’ no so long ago. Her songs have a freshness that compels us to live our dearest moments in her harmonies.

When you hear out the new pop-infused electronic dance number ‘Things You Don’t Know’, you will realize that KÍTA is the symbol of women empowerment and self-assurance. This song is about honest confessions and taking care of yourself when someone does not understand your value. It is a strong concoction of the conflicts between the heart and the head that is subtly illustrated with evocative words saturated in the 80’s electronic boom-bap beats. It shows the reality of overthinking and also hides the solution in its powerful chorus. This single can be the antidote to our poisonous anxiety. Her great vocal skills are showcased most brilliantly through the emotionally vibrant lyricism that evokes the faded colors of lost confidence. Listen to the energetic EDM/Pop single on SoundCloud and other digital platforms and stay tuned with her on YouTube and the official website.

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