Kiraw Shines with his Captivating Track “XTC”

Kiraw’s musical performances have an undeniable hypnotic quality. His vocals, a perfect blend of soothing tones and dark undertones, seamlessly fuse with the weighty soundscapes of his tracks. This unique combination has propelled his music into the spotlight, particularly within the gym and raver communities, where it has spread like wildfire.

“XTC,” a song entirely penned, performed, and produced by Kiraw, is a testament to his innovative spirit. This track pushes the boundaries of the Techno genre by melding aggressive, distorted basslines reminiscent of rave bunker events with razor-sharp lyrics delivered in a hushed style. It’s a musical experience akin to ASMR that defies expectations and finds a powerful resonance within the genre.

The impact of “XTC” is undeniable, as it has made its mark on viral charts across the globe, from Germany to Denmark, Belgium to Romania, and beyond. Kiraw’s artistic journey began in 2018, and it has steadily gained momentum through collaborations with prominent artists like NightLovell and Scarlxrd. As a trailblazer in the “Techno/House Phonk” movement, Kiraw has rightfully earned his place in the spotlight, attracting the attention of major record labels and securing a promising future in the music industry. Keep your ears tuned to Kiraw; he’s an artist destined for greatness.