Kinda Maybe’s New Track ‘152’ is a Hybrid Sound of Contemporary Essence in All Its Glory

Eccentric three-piece band Kinda Maybe’s new single, ‘152’ is out and creating ripples of creative acknowledgment across various facets of the music industry.

Fusion and hybrid sound customized as per the creative ideas of the artist is very common but rarely does it strike the right chord. Three-piece band Kinda Maybe is sending out their eccentricity of musical interpretation through their newly released track, ‘152’. The song sways across the virtues of emotional realizations and opens the doors to ultimate closure. With a lyrical progression that stirs effective optimism among the audience, ‘152’ stands out not only in its sound sculptures but also in its collective idea of cultural subjectivity.

Kinda Maybe is a collaboration effort of three friends from San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. Their creative exposure and relevant experiences in the genres of hardcore, punk, and ska has led to the discovery of the band’s quirky sound. They have divulged into the verses of hip-hop, indie, and alternative and created a complementing sound of modern-day flavors. They have a central line of approach towards pop that gives them the scope to evolve more into unexpected experimentations in both audio and video laterals. As ‘152’ constantly defies the standards of music-making, give your heart the closure of creative balance by following the band on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Instagram.