Kim Kardashian Gets Into the Shapewear Game With Kimono Solutionwear

Kim Kardashian is really branching out. She recently introduced a new body foundation via KKW Beauty. Now, she’s taking on Spanx by releasing a line of shapewear called Kimono Solutionwear. There’s already been some negative feedback stemming from her use of the word kimono, but Kim is pretty used to controversy. (She’s also faced backlash over her aforementioned foundation.)

The idea has been in the works for 15 years. Kim was inspired to create the collection based on her own experience of having to cut her shapewear for it to properly fit her figure and always having trouble finding pieces that complemented her skin tone. Kimono has pretty much everyone covered boasting sizes from XXS to 4XL in nine different shades. If you’ve ever wanted to wear shapewear under your favorite evening gown but couldn’t due to its high side slit, Kim’s asymmetrical style will be your new BFF.

Although no official launch date has been set, Kim shared a few teasers and based on the reaction so far, we’re betting her shapewear will sell out just as fast as her body foundation, despite the criticism.