Kill The Noise, Feed Me & Tasha Baxter Reunite for Powerful Collab “Mirage”

In a long-awaited reunion, esteemed figures in the dance music scene, Kill The Noise and Feed Me, join forces once again for their latest collaboration, “Mirage.” This track serves as the second single from Kill The Noise’s highly anticipated third studio album, HOLLOW WORLD. “Mirage” immerses listeners in a fusion of gritty warehouse beats, hypnotic chants, and a cathartic second half that seamlessly blends thumping techno, industrial sounds, and progressive elements.

Reunited for Musical Brilliance: “Mirage”

“Mirage” marks the triumphant reunion of Kill The Noise and Feed Me after a five-year hiatus. The duo showcases their immense talent and shared vision through this remarkable collaboration. From the outset, the track captivates with gritty and captivating warehouse beats, creating an intense and energetic atmosphere. As the song progresses, hypnotic chants take center stage, further enhancing the enthralling sonic journey.

Exploring Themes of Desperation and Digital Age

Beyond its captivating sound, “Mirage” provides a deeper glimpse into the overarching themes present in Kill The Noise’s album, HOLLOW WORLD. Tasha Baxter’s poignant lyrics convey feelings of anguish, emptiness, and desperation in an era dominated by digital consumption. Her powerful vocals add an emotional depth to the track, amplifying the impact of the message.

A History of Collaboration

“Mirage” not only marks the fourth collaboration between Kill The Noise and Feed Me but also the second collaboration between Tasha Baxter and Kill The Noise. Previously, they worked together on “As Above So Below” alongside Bro Safari. Additionally, Tasha Baxter and Feed Me have joined forces on multiple occasions, highlighting the strong creative synergy among these talented artists.

Experience the Power of “Mirage”

To fully immerse yourself in the powerful collaboration that is “Mirage,” it is highly recommended to give the track a listen. Allow yourself to be swept away by the gritty beats, hypnotic chants, and the emotional resonance of Tasha Baxter’s evocative lyrics. Witness the musical brilliance that arises when these extraordinary artists come together.

Don’t miss out on the powerful experience that awaits within “Mirage” by Kill The Noise, Feed Me, and Tasha Baxter. Stream the track below and embark on a sonic journey that pushes boundaries and ignites the senses.