Kill The Noise And MOELLE – Don’t Look Back (Moore Kismet Remix) + ‘EMBRACE REANIMATED’ Remix Album Announced

Kill The Noise just released his second album, EMBRACE, his first in six years, earlier this year.

Now it’s time for the remixes. The remix pack, which will be released on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records on August 12, features scene-defining tastemakers such as Moore Kismet and Ray Volpe, as well as bass head favorites Champagne Drip and Hairitage, melodic dance acts Far Out and Xavi, and niche sound design experts Teddy Killerz and Automhate. These trance, drum & bass, trap, dubstep, and house remixes of the originals ensure that the album songs reach all festival stages and corners of the dance scene.

The unveiling of EMBRACE REANIMATED coincides with the release of Moore Kismet’s genre-bending remix of “Don’t Look Back,” which follows the release of their debut album, UNIVERSE. They launched the lively trap-infused single to tremendous acclaim at their inaugural EDC Vegas performance, which closed off Circuit Grounds in May. Kill The Noise is presently promoting the remixes and originals on his 27-city album tour, which includes huge gigs like the Brooklyn Mirage and Exchange LA, as well as appearances at prestigious festivals such as Escapade and Lost Lands. Check out Moore Kismet’s remix of “Don’t Look Back” below!

Photo via @exchangeLA