Kill Paris Takes Trap To A Whole New Level With “Venus Fly Trap”

Less than three months following his spellbinding sophomore album Galaxies Within Us, Kill Paris is back and he’s taking trap to a whole new level. His album used a unique new technique manipulating plants to create midi sounds and he’s returned to that method to create his latest banger. Cleverly titled “Venus Fly Trap,” Kill Paris’ new single was crafted by using the biodata of a carnivorous venus flytrap. The incredibly textured sound design is energetic and hyperactive as it bursts with glitchy basslines, distorted synths, and anthemic percussion. This is easily one of Kill Paris’ wildest productions to date. Stream “Venus Fly Trap” below.

I bought a venus flytrap and fed it an insect, then recorded the sounds of its biodata while it dined and made this “trap” song. – Kill Paris

Kill Paris – Venus Fly Trap