Kick the Weekend off With Smooth Miami Style from Young Goats

Young Goats last month debuted their first album, Goat Life vol. 1 and we’re loving their pop-infused crossover style. The album folds in elements of house music and EDM, reggaeton, UK grime and Bone Thugs-style hip hop with an extremely high level of production. Those who haven’t heard it yet should definitely listen asap. They’ve now released a video to go with the album for the single “Take You With Me”.

Though Young Goats are based in LA now, their first video since the album’s release goes back to their roots in Miami. Goat Life vol. 1 contains a ton of different styles with great EDM fusion that makes it ravey, hip hop, latin and funky all at once. “Take You With Me” is one of the more smoothed down tracks from the duo’s debut long play.

The video showcases the fast-paced, high-flying lifestyle of Miami with lots of fast cars, water sports and money. It works to show, in visual form, Young Goats’ mastery of style-blending. While visually exciting, the video is smoothed out and seems more accessible than the average money/lifestyle hip hop video. “Take You With Me” is, after all, a love song. The video is a love song to Miami as well as the actual song’s hypothetical subject.

On Goat Life vol. 1, there’s something musically for everyone and “Take You With Me” exemplifies the mixing styles beautifully in one song with the help of its video. As more videos come from the massive album, the Goats are likely to bring in more and more of their diverse potential audience. Goat Life vol. 1 is out now and can be streamed on Spotify. Check out Young Goats’ other videos on YouTube and their earlier EPs on Soundcloud.