Kiana Ledé Drops New Single “Jealous” Featuring Ella Mai

R&B singer Kiana Ledé has released her latest single “Jealous,” featuring fellow artist Ella Mai. The track follows the smooth guitar-driven vibe of her previous single “Irresponsible,” and is already gaining traction with fans of the artist.

While there hasn’t been much news about a new album from Kiana just yet, she recently celebrated the three-year anniversary of her debut album “KIKI,” which was released in 2018. The album featured popular tracks such as “Mad At Me” and “Forfeit” and showcased Kiana’s impressive vocal range and emotive songwriting skills.

With the release of “Jealous,” fans of the artist can expect to hear more of Kiana’s signature sound, characterized by her smooth vocals and introspective lyrics. The track is a perfect showcase of Kiana’s ability to collaborate with other artists while still maintaining her own unique sound.