“Keys II” Deluxe Album By Alicia Keys With Brent Faiyaz & More Is Now Released

Alicia Keys has just released “Keys II,” a deluxe edition of her current album “Keys.” The album has been updated with two new tracks featuring Brent Faiyaz and Lucky Daye, respectively. The deluxe version also includes two remixes of the superstar’s smash song “In Common,” which has never previously featured on an album. Lucky Daye’s latest guest appearance is on the song “Stay” (Originals), while Brent Faiyaz will be on “Trillions” (Unlocked).

To finish out the extended track selection, “In Common Black Coffee Remix” and “In Common Kaskade Radio Mix” put new twists on fan favorites. KEYS fans will be treated to a dual, one-of-a-kind audio experience, as with the previously published version – the originals side comprises tracks that are distinctly Alicia, evocative of the ground-breaking soundscape that everyone has grown to know and love since her debut.