k?d Drops New Remix Out Of Nowhere For SMF’s “HAHAHA”

Few artists are able to just drop a track out of nowhere and have it perform well. Coming up in those ranks appears to be k?d, who just surprise released a remix of the hardcore classic “HAHAHA” by SMF. The original was made over a decade ago, so you can imagine that it sounds a bit dated by today’s standards. k?d takes the bones of the original and creates a new creature entirely, making use of more modern effects like vocal chopping, along with samples of other classics like The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up.” What results is a wildly fun and unique take on a classic that pushes both a hardcore and electro sound in one neat package, ultimately satisfying both groups of core, fanatical fans. Check out k?d’s remix of “HAHAHA” by SMF below.

Photo by Nicole Busch