Kayzo Teams Up With REAPER & Qoiet For Hard Dance, Drum & Bass Hybrid, “Wait”

Kayzo has had quite a busy 2020 despite the lack of shows. With 10 singles under his belt already in just under 9 months, we’re getting all the Kayzo we could have ever hoped for. Of course, this is even more impressive given he just released his last album a year ago. Today, he dropped his latest single, teaming up with REAPER and Qoiet, enlisting them for their drum & bass and vocals respectively. The track is an amalgam of various different styles, from screamo to hardstyle to drum & bass — if there were shows happening right now, it would be perfect for a live set with its built-in transitions and constantly evolving soundscapes. Between all parties involved, it’s hard to imagine how this collaboration could have come out any better. Check out “Wait” below!

Photo via Rukes.com