Kayzo, Sullivan King, Papa Roach for their New Track, “DOMINATION”

Kayzo and Sullivan King have teamed up with none other than legends Papa Roach for their new track, “DOMINATION.” What is there to say about this explosive collab other than it’s a rowdy ride from start to finish. Thunderous guitar riffs, screaming vocals, booming drums, and frenzied synths combine to create a massive bass x rock crossover that is as at home on any of Spotify’s Rock playlists as it is in the heaviest of dubstep ones. The collaboration has been a part of their sets since at least last year, but it’s amazing to finally have it out in all its headbanging glory.

I love when I release songs and ppl are like “Daaaamn bro, you didn’t have to go THAT hard” like ACTUALLY YES MOTHER FUCKER I DID AND I ALWAYS WILL, I HAVE SOME NECKS TO FUCKIN SNAP THANK U AND GNIGHT

— Sully – “DOMINATION” OUT NOW!! (@SullivanKing) April 16, 2021

Photo via Rukes.com