Kayzo Reveals Final Single Before His Album With I See Stars’ Devin Oliver & Sum 41’s Frank Zummo

We’re about to get Kayzo’s sophomore album, but not before one more single makes its way out… the final single before the album just dropped today, “Cruel Love” with shYbeast (aka Devin Oliver of I See Stars) and Frank Zummo of Sum 41. Oliver has worked with Kayzo before, on his debut album for the track “Follow You.” Similarly, Zummo has been touring with Kayzo as part of his live band. This marks the first time all three of them have collaborated on a track together, and to say that it’s just good would be an understatement.

This might actually be our favorite single from the album yet, the combination of pop punk nostalgia and Kayzo’s hard hitting electronic interpretation. Add to that the live drums from Zummo and the gritty guitar, this could be the pinnacle of where Kayzo imagined his music heading after OVERLOAD. Check out “Cruel Love” below, and stay tuned for more details about the full album!

Photo (c) Coachella