Kayzo & Lil Texas Don’t Hold Back with New Collab “Rules of the Game” [LISTEN]

In this corner, we have EDM prodigy Kayzo… And in the other corner, speed demon Lil Texas. The “Rules of the Game” are about to change as these two team up for an absolutely raw and ruthless collaboration that’s half texcore, half drum and bass — and a little bit rock and roll. The drums alone will knock you out quicker than McGregor, not to mention the rave-ready synths and highly aggressive drops. Kayzo and Lil Texas both harness a distinct kind of energy that’s better heard than explained, and to have them together on a single track is an absolute treat. As true champions of their own sounds, their single “Rules of the Game” instinctively screams out both of their names. Kayzo intros the track as, “THE FASTEST TWO AND (A) HALF MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE.”

Turn it up, brace yourself, and hit play at your own risk!

Kayzo x Lil Texas – Rules of the Game