KAYTRAMINÉ (Kaytranada and Aminé) Drop Debut Single ‘4EVA’ Featuring Pharrell

Exciting news for music fans as Kaytranada and Aminé have come together to form KAYTRAMINÉ and release their debut collaboration album. The duo recently dropped their first single, “4EVA,” featuring wavy production from Kaytra, witty wordplay from Aminé, and a stellar feature from Pharrell.

Listeners can check out the track on Spotify and stay tuned for the full album release. With these talented artists joining forces, the project is sure to be a hit and showcase their unique styles and skills. Don’t miss out on the debut single from KAYTRAMINÉ, a must-listen for fans of Kaytranada, Aminé, and Pharrell.

Kaytranada & Aminé – 4EVA (feat. Pharrell)