Kayne’s “ Jail ” Gets A New Spin By Rich Furniss

The single “Jail,” which is the second track from Kanye West‘s 2021 album Donda, is well-known throughout the world. The song is steady and straightforward, relying on empty space to create an impactful and scary atmosphere. Rich Furniss recognized such characteristics and was struck by a flood of inspiration, sensing that “Jail” was pleading for someone to uproot its stems and change it into a better version of itself. “Jail (Rich Furniss Remix)” not only does the original justice, but it also sedates the listener with grace and smoothness that was needed.

Rich Furniss elevates an already soulfully sunkissed flow to a higher plane, with additional echo/delay in the vocals, crisper basslines, and a delicate percussion element that avoids harshness. “Jail (Wealthy Furniss Remix)” lightens the mood and combines the best elements of “Jail” with those of rich Furniss. On December 10th, Rich Furniss will play at the Electric Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. This date represents more than just a high-caliber performance from the solo DJ/producer; it also represents a return to the city where he discovered his passion for house music.