KAWS and Acute Art Collaborate on an Expanded Holiday Through Augmented Reality

Bringing together renowned international artists, new media and technology to produce and exhibit compellingly innovative visual artworks, Acute Art collaborates with American artist and designer, Brian Donnelly, better known as Kaws, for a series of augmented reality sculptures.

The project dubbed, Expanded Holiday, will be publicly exhibited in 12 major cities across six continents including, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and South America, from 12th to 26th March 2020, with an inclusive AR collectible edition and open edition for lease – available on Acute Art’s latest digital platform dedicated to the trade and collection of AR art.

“When I realized the quality that could be achieved and experienced in AR, I was immediately drawn to its potential. I have been creating objects and exhibiting works in public spaces throughout my career, and this allows me to expand on that in a whole new arena. the possibilities of locations and scale are endless, and I’m excited to start a new dialogue in this medium.” – Brian Donnelly (KAWS).

Featuring 25 AR sculptures measuring 1.8m each, the collectible edition, accessed through Acute Art’s online portal allows users to place, capture and document the artwork of their choosing, anywhere in the world. Offering a multitude of privacy and social-sharing options, the alternative open edition consists of a singular 45cm AR sculpture in three colorways – entitled ‘At This Time’, the edition provides time-based acquisition, and allows users to keep each work for a period of seven to 30 days at a time.

With the goal of boosting visibility and access to global artwork, Expanded Holiday, demonstrates the enormous potential of AR as a new medium which transcends physical limitations whilst offering enhanced visibility and new possibilities for art.