Katy Perry’s New Single Co-Produced By Zedd Is Our New Guilty Pleasure [LISTEN]

Katy Perry continues to reinvent her sound, this time with a synth pop wonderland produced by Zedd and Dreamlab titled “Never Really Over.” The producers set a spectacular, winding soundscape that would battle almost any other singer’s vocal performance — aside from Katy’s.

“Never Really Over” is all about a love that refuses to burn out. Crossing lines, losing self control — the usual relationship rollercoaster redone from a new perspective. The single captures the head-spinning sensation of an on-and-off relationship and bottles it up like a potion, as Katy spits carefully calculated, lovesick lyrics.

Zedd and Katy Perry previously teamed up for a special Valentine’s Day single, “365.” It’s obvious these artists have a great working relationship and a hit making recipe. This probably won’t be the last we hear from them. This is our new guilty pleasure, no doubt. Listen here!

Katy Perry – Never Really Over

Photo via Chris Yoder