Katatonia is on a roll with their latest breathtaking release ‘Behind The Blood’

Katatonia has gone big with their new release ‘Behind The Blood’. Ruling the international charts, this track is already a fan favorite and top of the ladder.

‘Behind The Blood’ is certainly the standout track of the grand collection of enthralling soundtracks, named ‘City Burials’. This track is nothing but the outburst of energy and strength of metal that needs to be embraced. The madness that gets introduced through the opening moments has been carried out throughout the track. Jonas Renkse, the vocalist has exploded into the instrumentation, making it pretty hard to get rid of. The powerful guitar tones of Anders Nyström and Roger Öjersson have stolen the show here. They have just magnified the intensity of the entire presentation through their performances. This track is all set to become one of the most successful tracks of Katatonia.

Sticking to the enthralling energy and uplifting nature of the track, Daniel Moilanen, the drummer hits the stage hard with heart-thumping beats. The enthusiasm and the tempo are the highlights of this track that can captivate the soul of any listener. Each member of Katatonia has contributed to the majestic musicality of this track. Soaked within the artistic capabilities of the bassist, Niklas Sandin, this track sets the bar pretty high, which makes it pretty impossible for others to catch up. The entire group has come together to provide the audience with a blissful experience.

Though the instrumentation has played a greater part in the flow of the track, the vocalist has done a tremendous job in keeping up with the pace and strength of the backdrop as well as the soundscape. He has certainly torn apart the musical canvas with his performance. Each section of ‘Behind The Blood’ is equally engaging and thrilling. The lyricism cannot be neglected as well; it is pretty apt in the context of the overall arrangement, satisfying all the needs of the listeners. As mentioned by the vocalist, this track is certainly a celebration of the powerful heavy metal music.

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