Kaskade Shows Up To Beyond Wonderland For Surprise Drum N Bass Set

Kaskade is not booked to play Beyond Wonderland in Southern California this weekend. Kaskade also does not produce drum & bass. (Kaskade is, however, credited with one DnB release as DJ Radon from 1997.) And yet, Kaskade showed up to Beyond last night for a secret set at the secluded “Rabbit Hole” stage and threw down a set of drum & bass that had Twitter on fire.

It’s not uncommon for artists who aren’t booked to officially play an Insomniac festival to randomly show up and play one of their hidden stages or art cars — Kaskade himself performed a Redux set on the KALLIOPE Art Car at EDC Las Vegas 2017, though that was announced prior. Still, it’s safe to say that anyone in attendance at this particular surprise set is going home with a once-in-a-lifetime memory that won’t soon be replicated.

See some highlights from the set below as captured by Twitter users. Beyond Wonderland continues tonight with Deadmau5, Zhu, Darren Styles, and more.

So @kaskade just popped in @BeyondWland to play a surprise drum n bass set at the secret Rabbit Hole stage

— The Hebrew Hammer (@adamauburn) March 23, 2019

Uh a random @kaskade Drum n Bass set at @BeyondWland? Yes please.#Kaskade #BeyondSoCal #DownTheRabbitHole

— PandaPandaPanda ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (@czarcruise) March 23, 2019

When @kaskade does a surprise DnB set @BeyondWland 😱😭😱😭#kaskade#BeyondWonderland #BeyondWonderland2019 #drumandbass

Vid: Pablo Martinez

— laurieborealis (@oceanicglider) March 23, 2019

Photo via Rukes.com