Kaskade Becomes First-Ever DJ To Throw Down At The Grand Canyon [FULL SET]

Kaskade just unleashed a quarantine set featuring one of the most breathtaking views on the planet, the Grand Canyon, and an incredibly immerse soundtrack to go with it. For the next two hours and some change, allow yourself to turn off all distractions and tune into Kaskade. With dazzling, smooth jams and bare feet, the DJ/producer opens up a world of sound from sunset through dusk complete with a backdrop so picturesque it looks unreal by definition.

The tracklist consists nearly entirely of Kaskade originals, edits, remixes and mashups — and, oh yes, IDs! Watch this very special live production below, courtesy of Coke Studio Sessions, and check out the setlist here. With this, Kaskade becomes the first-ever DJ to throw down at the Grand Canyon.

Also, per the official website, Grand Canyon Village and Desert View remain closed until further notice.

Kaskade Live from Grand Canyon