Kaskade And deadmau5’s New Project Kx5 Makes Its Debut With “ Escape ” Which Features Hayla

Kaskade and deadmau5 have officially collaborated three times over the years: on “I Remember” in 2008″,”Move For Me” in 2014, and “Beneath With Me” in 2016. Today, six years after their last collaboration and 14 years after their first, the two finally reunite — officially — for their new project Kx5 and its first single, “Escape”, which features Hayla.

“Escape” begins with a stripped-back piano underscoring Hayla’s delicate vocal, but quickly swells into a pulsating electronic soundscape—a testament to deadmau5 and Kaskade’s meticulous, multi-layered production. The anthemic chorus is where the song really takes off. “What if I join you in your escape”? Hayla sings over gleaming synths. “Is it real, or is it just a dream”?”The unknown, the unknown is luring me.”

Kx5 will perform live for the first time at EDC Las Vegas in May. Listen to “Escape” in the player below!

Photo Credit: Mark Owens