Kaskade And Deadmau5’s Iconic Collaboration Continues With Debut Kx5 Album

The second track from Kaskade and deadmau5‘s new collaboration project, Kx5, is out now. “Take Me High,” which debuted earlier this year during Kx5’s massive EDC Las Vegas show, is a strong track with a belting diva voice sample that is ideally suited for the current music renaissance. When compared to their debut music, “Escape,” this is significantly better suited for underground warehouse vibes and is unlikely to chart as high.

The song is now sitting at #32 on Top 40 US radio, a first for either artist. In addition to charting in the Top 40, “Escape” is the most-played song on US Dance Radio this year. The song has over 55 million total plays across DSPs and has around 35 million listens on Spotify alone. There will be an album, whether you favor “Escape” or “Take Me High,” and there will be more. Listen to it below.

Credit: Mark Owens