Kaskade And deadmau5 Collaborate With The Moth & The Flame On The Latest Kx5 Track, “Alive”

With their latest track, “Alive,” featuring The Moth & The Flame, Kaskade and deadmau5 continue their musical adventure as Kx5. Due to their decades of combined talent and proficiency in the genre, as the pair has released single ranging from “Escape” to “Take Me High” to “Alive,” they’ve proven a fundamental musical characteristic while offering context and experimentation within it.

They continue to push deeper with each record, this time adding a touch of passionate rock to the mix with The Moth & The Flame, who previously teamed with Kaskade on “Haunt Me” in 2020. An album has been confirmed, so all of these singles will be heard in fuller context, maybe before the end of the year, but no release date has been announced. Listen to “Alive” below.