Karma Fields’ New Album Is The Best Hidden Gem This Week

The mysterious Karma Fields released his debut album NEW AGE | DARK AGE in 2016 to middling reviews, never garnering any bad press, nor any exceedingly praiseworthy reviews, either. This, despite collaborations with Cape Fear actress Juliette Lewis, Talib Kweli, and Kerli. Now, three years later, Karma Fields returns with his sophomore album BODY RUSH and it’s absolutely phenomenal.

Whereas the hits on NA/DA seemed to fall back on the talents of his collaborators, this new album does plenty on its own; and when the collaborators, who include Tove Lo and Little Boots, finally add their contributions, it only serves to accentuate the already stunning base material.

Spanning 14 tracks, BODY RUSH is a sultry, smooth, and energetic album that calls upon influences from James Blake, ZHU, and more. The result is a diverse and powerful album that plays on all the strengths of Karma Fields while continuing to push the boundaries of what that brand means. Only four tracks from the album were previously released as singles, leaving fans ten fresh and brilliant tracks to listen to for the first time.

Though it’s no concept album, each track flows seamlessly from one to the next, never missing a beat. There are also plenty of intricate, unique effects in many tracks that add a level of brilliance to the whole work. The nearly two-minute build on “An Underground System of Forgotten Machines” is the epitome of suspense and intrigue, and is easily one of the best tracks on the whole album.

One of my personal favorite tracks on the album is the acid breakbeat anthem “S > M > T (SUPER MEGA TOKYO).” Stylistically, it’s one of the more random tracks on the album. Quality wise, it’s one of the best pure electronic tracks I’ve heard all year.

There’s no doubt that, unfortunately, BODY RUSH will be overlooked by many as NEW AGE | DARK AGE was three years ago; hopefully, though, more people begin to take notice as this is definitely one of the finest albums of 2019 I’ve heard yet.

Check it out below.

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