Karen has shone brightly with brilliant tunes of pop in the splendid track ‘We Are The United States’

Karen gave her best shot ever when she sang the magnificent number ‘We Are The United States’. The pop number has immense relevance in the current times of crisis. It is an enthralling performance by the gifted singer Karen who has delved deep into the humanitarian crisis that her country and the world are facing. She has come up with the exquisite music video of the track ‘We Are The United States’ that speaks of unity in tough times. It is an inspiring track that speaks volumes about the relentless efforts by the essential and front line workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through her song, the singer has provided words of encouragement for those who are fighting it in the ground. It is a testing time in the history of the great nation and the brave hearts on the ground deserves a pat on the back every time they risk their lives. People must come and show their solidarity and salute these great men and women.

In the track ‘We Are The United States’ by the prolific singer Karen we are treated to an anthem-like rendition. The singer has shown her support with an uplifting message and has put it across in the most emotive and beautiful way. The singer has a clean and pure heart and she has conceived the loveliest song emanating brilliance. You can watch the fascinating music video on popular trending platforms like YouTube and follow her on Bandcamp.

We Are The United States